Secure Banking
national, discreet/covert cash in transit

Security Specialists Australia is a leading provider of national, discreet/covert cash in transit secure banking services. We provide fully trained and accredited cash in transit staff, offering a low impact, low profile, same day banking and change delivery service to your preferred banking facility in a professional and discreet manner. We will collect, deposit, process and deliver change to any business nationally or locally, big or small.

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Currency Management
Collection, process and transferring

Currency management is a term used to cover all aspects of managing your business' cash. As part of our specialist service, our team will collect the cash from your business, transfer it securely back to our depot, count it, provide data and reporting, and upon verification electronically transfer the funds into your nominated account.

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Security Storage
bank-specified, AAA rated vaults

Security Specialists Australia can also store and vault your most precious items in one of our secure storage facilities. Our secure storage safes, designed to bank specifications, located in AAA rated vaults, are under constant surveillance both on-site and remotely and are located in all major metro locations, including Sydney and Melbourne.

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Secure Freight
Fully licenced. Federal Government compliant

When you need to go international it is important you have secure freight in Australia that are a team of specialists in both secure air freight and secure maritime freight. Not only is it critical we deliver your consignment securely and safely, we are also fully licenced and compliant with Federal Government requirements.

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Security Risk Assessments
Are your business and staff are protected from risk?

A security risk assessment report will help identify whether your business and staff are protected from risk and allows us to analyse your specific security needs covering the security issues and concerns that are most important to your business.

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Electronic Security
Event and building security surveillance

Sometimes security guards can't be everywhere, but with the addition of advanced electronic security systems you can have the added peace of mind in knowing your business is secure. Used as a replacement or a perfect complement to your on-site security team, Security Specialists Australia utilise the latest MOBOTIX cameras to help plan, setup and maintain all of your current or future security needs.

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Security Specialists In Sydney, Australia

With our head office in Sydney, we are a national security service provider with more than 50 years of combined security experience

We utilise state of the art technology and equipment and a highly skilled workforce to provide you confidence, satisfaction and peace of mind. Our core business is a specialist covert cash collection provider to a range of businesses with both armoured and unarmoured vehicles for over 25 years.

Why Choose Us

Our Professionalism

Supported by proven standard operating practices and backed up by a fully compliant internal auditing system to ensure delivery of service.

Our Compliance

Our service is fully insured and compliant with all Government State and Territory legislative requirements and Codes of Practice.

Our Expertise

We have a have wide range of expertise across many industry verticals, including Retail, Government Agencies, Hospitals and Schools.

Our Commitment

We will appoint an 'always on' Personal Client Manager for your business, giving you a single point of contact for all of your needs.

Our Local Reach

Our coverage is truly national, with depots and affiliates in all Australian states and territories including New Zealand.

Our Focus is your Business

Your team will have more time to increase productivity and more importantly, focus on the most important component of YOUR business, The Customer.