Identify whether your business and staff are protected from risk

A security risk assessment report will help identify whether your business and staff are protected from risk and allows us to analyse your specific security needs covering the security issues and concerns that are most important to your business.

The benefits of security risk management at the program level are:

  • more effective strategic planning as a result of increased knowledge and understanding of key risk exposures
  • through preventive means you have greater budgetary control
  • better outcomes in terms of program sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency
  • greater openness and transparency in decision-making and ongoing management processes.

The benefits of managing risk at the activity level include:

  • activities are more efficiently and effectively managed because advisers and stakeholders understand the activity’s vulnerability to risk and take adequate preventative or mitigation measures
  • greater budgetary control
  • higher success rate for completed objectives as constraints are minimised and opportunities maximised
  • greater openness and transparency in activity decision making and management processes.

Additionally, effective risk management contributes to improved governance, which can be a development objective in its own right.

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