We are one of the few companies that is fully licenced and compliant with Federal Government requirements

Often your precious cargo will originate or needs to go to an international destination and for your peace of mind it is important you have a secure freight team that are specialists in both secure air freight and secure maritime freight.

Secure Air Freight Systems

When it comes to secure transport, Security Specialists is one of the few Companies that is fully licenced and compliant with Federal Government requirements. Our operatives, either as covert soft skin or covert armoured vehicles, will personally place your precious cargo onto the plane, whether it is a privately chartered plane or an international Airline. We have full access to all Australian Airports from Airside and personally move your cargo on and off the flight; we leave nothing to chance. Some other companies may claim this but in reality they will just collect from a freight forwarding agent. Intrastate, interstate or internationally we will deliver it to your door or vault it till the next available flight.

Our Secure Air Freight Service includes but not limited to:

  • A secure courier - door to door service.
  • Covert Soft Skin or Covert Armoured Vehicles.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Track and Trace.

How we do it?

The Security Specialists Operations Command centre is where all the logistical aspects are taken care of for your valuable consignment. From collection time till it is received at its designated location, our team will be able to monitor the consignment constantly ensuring it’s arrival securely and safely; which means peace of mind for you.

Our Operations Centre will monitor:

  • Pickup of Consignment: We allocate a dedicated crew and covert armoured vehicle to secure the goods (if not already done) in anti-tamper evident packaging and then electronically record seal numbers. The shipment is then transported directly to the airport for uplifting to the plane, where all flight details are recorded including Aircraft registration.
  • Aircraft: 
Sometimes Aircraft, for whatever reason, may need to return to the point of departure if there flying time is less than half an hour since departure. For this reason our operatives remain Airside in the event that this may occur so we can personally retrieve the consignment for placement on another aircraft if need be.
  • Delivery: Because our dedicated operatives have Federal Government Authorisation to be Airside on the tarmac we will receive your goods direct from the hold of the aircraft and deliver directly to you same day or on forward the consignment if that is required.

Secure Maritime Freight

Security Specialists specialise in foreign currency payroll delivery to international maritime shipping companies.

Our specialists covert crews will collect the pre-ordered foreign currency from a nominated banking institution and deliver directly to the ship as close to possible to berthing time so crew are not delayed whilst waiting for payment.

We will also collect or deliver any precious cargo that requires international shipping and deliver it directly to you.

We have maritime permits for most major ports around Australia.

We can, after detailed analysis of your needs, arrange for the secure transportation of your new motor yacht anywhere in Australia, with a qualified coxswain and crew.

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