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Secure, Covert Cash in Transit

Security Specialists Australia is a leading provider of national, discreet/covert cash in transit secure banking services.

Security Specialists Australia not only offers cash in transit services, transporting your valuable consignment from any point in Australia or New Zealand, but we can also store and vault your most precious items in one of our secure storage facilities located in all major metro located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our Secure storage facilities are located in our Bank grade, class 2 vaults. These vaults are monitored both on-site and remotely. On site we have engaged electronic security engineers utilising the latest anti theft technology. We can access and shutdown our system from any PC or smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Not only do we give you peace of mind in knowing your valuables are safe and not jeopardized in any way, but our rates are very competitive so give Security Specialists a call so we can assess your secure storage needs.

  • Why Choose Us – Our Professionalism Supported by proven standard operating practices and backed up by a fully compliant internal auditing system to ensure delivery of service.
  • Our Compliance – Our service is fully insured and compliant with all Government State and Territory legislative requirements and Codes of Practice.
  • Our Expertise – We have a have wide range of expertise across many industry verticals, including Retail, Government
    Agencies, Hospitals and Schools
  • Our Commitment – We will appoint an ‘always on’ Personal Client Manager for your business, giving you a single point of
    contact for all of your needs.
  • Our Local Reach – Our coverage is truly national, with depots and affiliates in all Australian states and territories including New Zealand.
  • Our Focus is your Business – Your team will have more time to increase productivity and more importantly, focus on the most important component of YOUR business, The Customer.

“Every business is different and needs a tailored security service to fit their needs!``